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Handmade recycled silver large organic textured ring.

This ring stands as a testament to the artistry of my jewelry brand. Crafted with passion and precision, this statement ring is a harmonious fusion of nature-inspired design and avant-garde elegance.




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This ring is inspired by the geography of the Atacama Desert and its indigenous culture. The design of the jewel combines the silhouette of the desert region with the incorporation of the natural elements that make up the area seen as living entities. 

In spite of its aridness and inhospitability, the Atacama desert has been inhabited since thousands of years ago, with evidence of human activity tracing back to over 10,000 years ago.

The Atacameños are socially organized in units known as ayllus, which can be understood as communities sharing the same ancestral roots. Members of the same ayllu are strongly bonded to each other through familial and cultural ties. They decide communal matters together and assist each other in times of crisis.

The Atacameño worldview is heavily reminiscent of that of the Incas. They render tribute to the Mother Earth viewed as the source of prosperity or adversity of all those who dwell on her. They also see the landscape as living entities, embodying various kinds of spirits, such as those of their ancestors, of the hills and mountains, of the canals and waterways and of the sun and moon.

Production Time and Unique Pieces

Each piece is lovingly made to order. Upon ordering it will take 2-3 weeks for your piece to be handcrafted. Thank you very much for your patience, jewelry made slowly lasts over time.

Please contact if you would like to order for a specific date.

Making each piece by hand means that no two jewels are the same - there may be slight differences between them.

We hope you appreciate that your piece is unique and irreplaceable.


All my pieces are made of 925 recycled sterling silver and gold plated pieces are made of 925 recycled sterling silver with 3 micron of 18k gold.

There is the option of making any piece in solid gold upon request.


Weight: 26,62 g

Shipping & Returns

I have a 10-day return policy,
which means you have 10 days after receiving your item to request an exchange.

The rings cannot be returned as they are size made.

Refunds are not accepted under
any circumstances since the jewels are made by hand to order. 

Shipping will take 1-5 working days. Once I have sent the package, you will receive an email with your tracking number. 

Care Instructions

I recommend to avoid direct contact with any type of liquid, to protect your pieces from impact and store them in a cloth bag to ensure longevity.

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