Hand-carved jewels with irregular, organic and bold textures

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One of a kind pieces made with ethical materials


    All our pieces are carefully handmade in our workshop in Barcelona/Lisboa.

    Each piece goes through eight different processes and spends an average of four hours in our hands before arriving at its new home.


    In order to reduce our environmental impact, the majority of our jewels are made to order.

    We carry out small production runs of some pieces trying to avoid surplus stock.
    All gold plating or gold pieces are on request.


    All materials used during the drafting process and final production are recycled - wax and metal.

    The leftovers are reused for the creation of new pieces.
    The new tools acquired in the workshop are second-hand in order to contribute to the circular economy and ensure a more sustainable world.


    Our suppliers of tools, metal and gold baths are local and nearby - they are located less than 10km away from our studio.

    We only work with trusted partners who share our vision and commitment.


    Our jewels add an easy touch of sparkle that can be worn no matter the occasion.

    They are designed to embrace the body and feel empowered!


    No two pieces are alike.

    Each new jewel we make is an invitation to creation; we imbue our devotion and care into it, and through the process, we ensure that each piece is unique (each one needs its own understanding and sculpting).


This collection is inspired by patterns and textures in nature. 

Please note that each jewel is handmade and might not be perfect