Size Guide

Ring Size Guide 

Discovering your perfect ring size is crucial for a comfortable and stylish fit.

At Aguamarga, I follow standard ESP/IT number sizing. Check the conversion chart below for measurements and conversions. If your size isn't listed or you're between sizes, simply select the closest EU size and add a comment at checkout with your preferred size.

How to Determine Your Ring Size:

  1. Get your material: To measure ring size, you'll need a ring you currently wear, a piece of string or thin strip of paper, and a ruler.
  2. Select the finger: Choose the finger you plan to wear the ring on. Keep in mind that your finger size may vary slightly throughout the day and with weather conditions.
  3. Measure the circumference: Carefully and precisely measure a ring you currently wear. Note the inner diameter, ensuring accuracy by measuring at the midpoint of the circumference. / Wrap the string or strip of paper around the widest part of the finger where you'll wear the ring. Make sure the string or paper is snug but comfortable. Mark the point where the ends overlap.
  4. Measure the length: Using a ruler, measure the length of the string or paper from end to marked point. This measurement in millimeters will give you the circumference of your finger.
  5. Refer to the size chart: Use the measurement obtained to find your ring size in my size chart. Make sure to choose the closest size!
  6. Consider the ring width: If you plan to purchase a ring with a considerable width, you may need to slightly increase your size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Alternatively, for an exact fit, you can consult with a local jeweler to have your ring size measured accurately.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to <3