Jewelry Care

AGUAMARGA pieces are irregular and textured. This is consciously made and an essential part of our design. I hope you appreciate it since it makes each jewel unique and irreplaceable. 

All my pieces are made of 925 recycled silver and the gold plated pieces are made of 925 recycled silver with a layer of 2 (earrings) or 3 (necklaces and rings) micron of 18k or 24k gold.


Normally I do not do rhodium plating on silver pieces but if desired, it can be requested.

Any jewel can be handcrafted in Solid Gold upon request.



All my jewelry made in gold and silver is made to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, over time, you will still notice the traces of its use since being noble or precious metals will make them oxidize naturally - this means that it will change its initial shine to a beautiful natural luster. 

The wear of the piece will depend on the use that is given to it, the care and other factors such as the person's pH.

To preserve your jewelry from tarnishing:

  • Avoid contact with liquids: water (especially from the sea and the pool), harsh chemicals, perfume, oils, make-up and lotion.
  • Try to remove your jewelry before doing certain activities such as exercising, cleaning, washing your hands, showering and swimming.
  • Removing your pieces while sleeping also keeps them in better condition.
  • Keep your jewelry stored in a safe, clean and dry place - jewelry box or cloth bag.



All jewelry should be gently polished periodically using a soft cloth. 


To eliminate any tarnish, you can use a polishing cloth or even a soft toothbrush with some mild detergent. Make sure to rinse your piece(s) well afterwards.


Gently polish by hand with a soft cloth (don not use any cleaning products as this can damage plating) or bring it to your local jeweler for an ultrasonic clean. 


I ask you to keep in mind that I am an artisan! <3