The pieces of ATACAMA collection boast a striking organic texture that captures the essence of nature's raw beauty.
Each groove and curve tells a story, reflecting the dynamic and unpredictable elements of the world around us.

Collection: ATACAMA

The journey began with a month-long artistic residency with La Wayaka Current in the Desert 23ºS programme in the mystical Atacama Desert of Chile, a transformative experience that became the crucible for this collection.

As an artist, the Atacama Desert becomes both my canvas and muse. The creation of this collection emerges as a dialogue with the ancestral ways of living of the Atacama's native communities. Each piece is a testament to the respect for nature, mirroring the intricate balance these communities maintain. From the subtle hues of desert blooms to the rugged texture of ancient rock formations, the jewelry becomes a tangible expression of the indomitable spirit of Atacama.